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Interacting with the Network Manager from command line

24 May 2016 . category: Linux . Comments
#Linux #CLI tricks

I use ubunut and just deleted my windows system… I removed (with –purge and all) gdm. So, today, when I started my laptop I only got a black screen… no window manager, nothing.

I was in my office, where I cannot plug my laptop to the wired network and needed to connect to a specific wlan that requires a profile to authenticate my user. Within gnome or unity this is just a click, but without them…

Anyway, I found the trick after 0s googling. You can interact with the NetworkManager using the commands nmcli.

nmcli con will list all NM available connections.

nmcli con up id ConnectionName will connect to the desired network.

using this commands I could connect to the wlan and reinstall gnome… Now I am blogging about this. If I had called the technical support or an IT company to “repair” my laptop it would have cost me alot of money… and there was nothing to repair…

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Sergio Vargas. Assistant professor at the LMU München. Working with octocorals, sponges and cyanobacteria.