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01 Sep 2016 . Students . Lo Bueno, lo malo, lo feo (y lo bonito) by Sandra L. Ament-Velásquez Comments

Sandra, aka Lore —apparently I am the only person in this world who calls her Sandra— came to the lab in the summer of 2013. At that point in time she was a MEME student. She worked with me on the molecular systematics of eastern Pacific octocorals. We had several individuals currently classified within the genus Leptogorgia that grouped inside the genus Pacifigorgia or somewhere else in the phylogeny and Sandra invested her summer in Munich sequencing the 28S rDNA of a bunch of samples to see if the phylogeny based on nuclear markers provided the…

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  • April 2016 - Today

    procastinating with jekyll and github-pages!

  • January 2013

    Started in Munich


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